Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison

With nearly every insurance provider offering online quotes with comparison tools, getting an online auto insurance quote comparison is almost too easy. Understanding everything your quote includes, however, is something else entirely. While it’s tempting to compare quotes based on price alone, there are many other facts to consider in order to ensure that you’re getting the best policy.

Before beginning your auto insurance quotes comparison, the first thing to do is consider which insurance companies you want to compare. Choose several providers and do a background check of sorts on each, considering information such as their business ratings, complaint ratios, and discounts offered. This will help you narrow down your selection before you even begin comparing pricing for equivalent coverage from each company. Be sure to check out our Testimonials page to see what our satisfied customers are saying about Cronk Insurance!

Next, you should determine how much coverage you need. Your basic coverage will include liability insurance, which covers damages and medical expenses to the other vehicle involved if you are responsible for an accident. Full coverage includes liability insurance, plus collision and comprehensive. Collision covers damages to your own car, while comprehensive covers damages that aren’t the result of a collision, such as an act of nature, theft, or vandalism. While collision and comprehensive insurance are not legally required, both are often mandatory if your vehicle is leased or financed. However, if you are insuring an older vehicle, you may want to ask yourself whether collision is necessary.

Personal injury protection insurance is required in some states but not all. Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance is used to cover medical expenses that may be incurred following an accident. Depending on what type of health insurance coverage you have, PIP insurance may not be necessary if it’s not required by law in your state.

Many companies offer big discounts when you buy coverage for several types of insurance, such as auto and home or a multi-car policy, from the same provider. While adding a teen driver to your policy is likely to increase your rate, many companies offer good student discounts for student drivers. Changes in life events, such as buying a home or getting married may also mean cheaper rates so be sure to include that information when comparing quotes.

Car insurance deductibles go a long way in determining what kind of rates you will see. Your deductible is what you will pay out of pocket first before your collision or comprehensive coverage kicks in. If you decide to go with a high deductible, your monthly rate will be significantly lower, but you could end up paying a thousand dollars or more before your insurance company covers any damages. On the other hand, a lower deductible will mean a higher monthly premium, but will take significantly less out of your savings should you ever need to have your car repaired.

Now that you’ve done your homework, you’re ready to begin your auto insurance quote comparison. Get a quote from Cronk Insurance and see how we compare – we’re ready to help you save money on a policy that will take care of your every need!