Until further notice, this physical location of our agency will be closed to walk-in business until further notice.

As we begin to transition back to normal operations please visit our website or facebook page for more updates

If you have a payment or claim issue, please visit our website at “cronkinsure.com” and under the payment and claims tab we have things organized by company. It is our STRONG RECOMMENDATION that if you have not already completed an online account with your respective company you do so immediately. This way you will have 24 hour access to all your account information including payment status, claim information, insurance ID cards……just about everything we would provide you had our office been open.

In the event of a claims emergency, please call your company claims number that is listed on your insurance ID card. A customer service representative will assist you in setting up your claim.

Most of our agency staff is working remotely, with a small number at the office.

  • The absolute BEST way of contacting us with a question is going to be by email at [email protected].
  • Second best method will be by text message at 814-258-1483.
  • Third way would be by calling our office at 814-456-7501 and leave a message.

We will update our facebook page and web page and that would also be a great way of finding any updates from us.

We appreciate your patience during this very trying time. This is uncharted water for ALL of us but we stand by our mission statement of being there if and when you need us most. This is no different.

Erik Cronk
Agency Owner